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Fully Pantsed Dancing

SHOW #6 a. Tom Collins with Miss America and The Blue Rider So I managed to take a few hours away from endlessly playing Crusader Kings II to see some live music last night. This was once again a local show filled with local bands, and it was much much better than the one that […]

What a Racket

SHOW #5 Tennis with Mike Marchant and Moon Tides at The Bluebird 2/16/12 One of the things I’m hoping to do with this 52 show experiment is expose myself to more local music. I’ve heard a great deal about the Denver music scene but I’ve never been that involved in it and I’d like to […]

So Much JOY!

SHOW #4: Jenny Owen Youngs with New Empire and Woodrose at The Larimer Lounge 2/15/12 Wednesday. Wednesday is not a great night for a show at The Larimer Lounge. This has nothing to do with the people playing or even venue itself. It has to do with the ridiculous time that I have to get […]

Three Shows One Post

So this is where it starts, my quest to see 52 concerts in one year. Seeing these three shows in the span of one week really gave me the momentum I needed to get this thing off the ground. I’ll apologize in advance for the length of this post, normally I’m going to be writing […]