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Fully Pantsed Dancing

SHOW #6 a. Tom Collins with Miss America and The Blue Rider

So I managed to take a few hours away from endlessly playing Crusader Kings II to see some live music last night. This was once again a local show filled with local bands, and it was much much better than the one that came before it. The sound helped but the energy of the room really put the evening over the top.

For starters let me say that I absolutely love the Hi-Dive. Of all the super small venues I’ve been too in the Denver area it stands head a shoulders above the rest. I don’t really know why, it’s a dingy hole in the wall that’s a bit dirty, it has a hole kicked in the men’s room door and it’s plastered with all kinds of random graffiti. Somehow though the sound is always great, the stage is small and close so it’s intimate as hell, and you just come away from it having had an amazing time. It’s really an incredible little hole in the wall venue and if you can get past, or even embrace, the divey aspect of it I highly recommend you check out a show there.

the a. Tom Collins show last night was actually a music video release party. Which is strange, because really who makes music videos any more? a. Tom Collins that’s who damn it. Also yes I’m aware that I already saw them once and pretty much everything I said in that first post applies here as well. They were just too good that night to pass up the chance to see them again less than a month later. I even said as soon as the show was over that I’d go see them again tonight if I had the opportunity. I can’t stress enough how great they are live and I must insist that if you ever get the opportunity to go see them you take it. You won’t regret it. Before launching into the openers I’m going to include the video that they premiers last night. It’s a bit odd but I found it entertaining. Especially the maiming.

The Blue Rider

The Blue Rider started the show out with a bit of hectic fun. Their sound was unique, something akin to the love child of Buddy Holly and a punk band. Their lead singer was a whirling dervish on stage who never seemed to stop moving even when he was playing the keyboard. They had a chemistry playing together that just worked and you could tell that they were just having a ridiculous amount of fun up there. As soon as they started playing they commanded  the attention of everyone in the room and then they just proceeded to flail about wildly in the most captivating and wonderful way. The highlight of their set was a song that, I assume, is called Too Hip To Dance there is something magical about someone disarming a room full of hipsters by calling out their general reluctance to dance. It was a great, fun, song and it had it’s intended effect as it caused nearly everyone in the crowd to move at least a little. Sadly it appears that these guys are either fairly new fairly new or extremely hipster as they have absolutely no web presence at all. That means I can’t link you to a website, an album or even a hastily shot cellphone video of one of their performances. I’ll be keeping an eye out for them though, and you should do the same.

Miss America

Miss America suffers from the same bad band name syndrome as Tennis. I understand that coming up with band names is hard but there is something just inherently terrible in naming your band after a common word or phrase. For starters it makes you damn near ungoogleable which limits the access that people have to your music. I was unable to locate a website for them at all, though I did find a video of them performing which I’ll show you here.

Terrible band name aside Miss America was pretty damn incredible. Their music was wholly different in tone and feel from a. Tom Collins and The Blue Rider but it was beautiful and moving. They had a much calmer demeanor and a more stoic stage presence but it really worked. Their music felt like the kind of thing you would listen too, and fall in love with, on a rainy afternoon. Unfortunately the change in tone from The Blue Rider led to a large portion of the crowd talking through the entire set, which is always annoying. Miss America really deserved a better audience because they were playing great music. This is another local act I’ll be keeping my eye out for because I’d love to see them again.

a. Tom Collins

There isn’t much more I can say here that I haven’t already said. This band is incredible. The horns are awesome, the drummer is amazing, the bass player kicks ass and Mr. a. Tom Collins himself has a wonderful voice and an electric stage presence. I’ve said before that you should see them and I’ll say it again. You should see them. As soon as is fucking possible. I can’t stress it enough. See them. They mentioned a new album coming out this summer so maybe they’ll make their way around the country then. I don’t really know for sure all I know is that you should see them.

There isn’t a ton of live footage availabe for these guys so I’m going to go against type and embed their epOH NO! here. Listen to it. Rock. Realize that you’ve been missing out. Then find them, see them. Immediately if not sooner.


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