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And There Was Much Rejoicing

SHOW #9: G-Love & Special Sauce with Scott H. Biram at The Ogden Theater 3/10/12

A show on the Saturday before Daylight Savings is not a great idea when you have to be up bright and early Sunday morning. I’m not saying it wasn’t worth it. It was totally worth it. However I’m still recovering from a hectic and sleep deprived Sunday so this post might be slightly incoherent. Just roll with it people, okay?

Scott H. Biram

I had never heard of Scott H. Biram before Saturday night but I am exceptionally happy that I got to the show early enough to catch his set. He’s a little all over the place when it comes to genre he played country blues, Chicago blues, southern rock, old school country, traditional rock, punk rock, and even a little metal. All in the course of one set. What was most remarkable about this is that he did it all by himself and he did it very well.

He really was a one man band. Tough not in the traditional sense as he didn’t have one of those ridiculous one man band suits. It was just him, his guitar and a kick drum. With these three things he produced enough sound that he didn’t really need anyone else on stage with him.

He was entertaining and gritty, if a bit hard to understand, and at one point he yelled at some people up front who were talking. I kind of loved him for that because I can’t stand people who talk at concerts. Especially right next to the stage. At least go to the back of the room.

The low point of his set was a cover he did of Can’t Be Satisfied by Muddy Waters. It wasn’t really bad it was just too different. I grew up on Muddy and to me he’s just one of the guys you can’t adequately cover no matter who you are. Still, that low spot wasn’t all that low. I guess what all those words up there are saying is that he was kind of awesome. See:

G-Love & Special Sauce

G-Love is one of those artists I have a strange musical relationship with in that I have seen him in concert five times but I’ve never purchased any of his albums. He puts on an incredible show that’s really just a nonstop party from beginning to end but for some reason I’ve never been compelled to pick up an album of his.

The closest I’ve coming to buying a G-Love album is his most recent endeavor Fixin’ To Die which was produced with The Avett Brothers. The album seems a bit of a departure for him because it doesn’t have the same hip hop infusion that many of his earlier stuff has. It’s more of a straight up blues album. Not that he’s ever been a stranger to the blues, the first time I saw him he did several straight blues songs solo in the middle of his set, and he’s actually a really gifted blues musician. Still I wasn’t sure what to expect going in to this show. Would he break out the classics? Would he mix the old with the new? Would he concentrate on the new album?

What we got was basically a more blues inspired take on may of his old school party songs. He still played Baby’s Got Sauce and Cold Beverages but they were reworked a bit. Throughout the night there was a lot of harmonica, a lot of blues licks, a lot of rapping, and a crowd that simply couldn’t stop dancing. G-Love just has a way of bringing that out of people. He’s like a human party creation system. The music felt a little deeper but it was still fun and energetic and danceable.

G-Love fills a very different musical need than some of the acts I’ve covered here so far because sometimes you don’t need, or even want, sweeping beauty in your music. Granted that’s generally what I prefer, but sometimes you just want to rock the fuck out with several hundred strangers and he facilitates that very well.

I’d recommend that everyone see G-Love at least once, because odds are you won’t end up seeing G-Love just once. His shows are simply too much fun.

He closed the show out with a great cover of Paul Simon’s 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover it was a bit livelier than the version I’ve included here but this was the best one I could find.


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