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Christina Manguilera

SHOW 11: Martin Sexton at the Ogden Theater

I feel like I let you down last night idealized reader. I mean, yeah, I went to a show that was pretty awesome and I’m going to tell you all about it below by using words. However, I only saw one act last night. I missed the opener and I feel kind of bad. I mean you count on me to give you a complete recap of the concert experience. This is hard hitting blogging here people and I feel like I’ve let you down.

Still who I did see was very good. His name is Martin Sexton. He’s always kind of reminded me of Jack Black, if Jack Black cared about music and was a better singer. Which is to say that I think he kind of looks like Jack Black. That’s kind of beside the point though, because the point is music. So let’s talk about his music. Not here though.I’ll meet you down there, below the picture.

Martin Sexton

Good you made it. So let me tell you about Martin Sexton. He’s another one of those guys who’s like G-Love in that I only own one of his albums, a live album at that, but I’ve seen him in concert five times.With him however I’m not sure why that is. I actually get the feeling that his particular brand of jazzy pop folk blues (he’s eclectic is what I’m saying) would play well in a studio and translate to good records. Maybe I’ll have to rectify that and buy some of his stuff.

Speaking of his records he has a new on out called Fall Like Rain. He played several of the five songs from that record last night and they were good. Interestingly they were offering the album, usually $5, for free to anyone who was unemployed at the show. I think that’s pretty damn cool, especially since there wasn’t any real way to verify if the person was actually unemployed. Will some people like about that to get free music? Probably, but it’s nice to see someone giving away their music to people who have fallen on hard times. It’s a small gesture, but a nice one.

So, I guess I should talk about the show huh? He was solo for this performance, which is always nice because he can play around with his music a lot more when he doesn’t have a band with him. Changing tempo whenever he feels like it, doing vocal runs on a whim, and using that microphone that makes his voice sound like an electric guitar. Speaking of vocal runs, it was those runs that led to the title of this post. He doesn’t actually sound anything like Christina Aguilera, I’d actually say that he has more feeling and more soul in his voice than she does but she’s probably technically a better singer. Which is not to say that his voice is bad, because it isn’t, it’s kind of incredible. It’s just to say that he practices a lot of the vocal acrobatics that I associate with the likes of Christina. When he’s solo like this he was last night his voice kind of becomes another instrument for him to play around with and he wields it quite well.

His music isn’t quite as danceable when he’s solo, without the drums to drive everything it’s a lot harder to play the upbeat stuff that you can really get down to. Still he managed to pull of some of his up beat stuff and got the crowd moving around. Overall though it was more introspective show which was nice. I’ve seen a lot of loud so far on this little quest of mine so it was nice to see a bit of the quiet beauty of a guy and his guitar. He really lays himself bare on a lot of his songs and it’s great. Just seeing someone put that much of themselves into a song is a wonderful thing.

I guess what I’m saying is kind of what I always say. You should see Martin Sexton, he’s an atypical musician in the best possible way. By the end of the night he’ll make you feel a little joy and a little pain, but he’ll make you feel and that’s the important part. Because what is music if not a feeling enhancement apparatus? Would you like to feel something now? I hope so, because I’ve included two videos of Mr. Sexton doing his thing below.

First one of his original songs:

Then a pretty amazing cover of Purple Rain:

I hope that makes us for my negligence.


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