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Old Fashioned Folk Music

SHOW #17: Todd Snider with The Haunted Windchimes at L2 Arts & Culture Center on 4/27/12 This was my first time at L2 Arts & Culture center. They are affiliated with Swallow Hill, which is a great institution we have here in Denver that helps to preserve and showcase music. It’s both a music school […]

From Mumble to Magnificent

SHOW #16: Electric Guest with Fingers of the Sun at the Larimer Lounge 4/25/12 I’ve got to tell you internet I need this one. I needed an absolutely incredible show to take my mind of of a terrible week full of bad luck and exorbitant car repair bills. I was so feeling so low I […]

Locally Grown

SHOW #15: Head for the Hills with Bill and Jilian Nershi at The Bluebird on 4/20/12 So, I don’t smoke pot. I don’t begrudge people that do it, and I’d say it’s nuts that it’s illegal it’s just something I’ve never been into. So when I bought tickets for a concert on 4/20it didn’t even […]

Alt-Rock-Country-Folk n’ Roll

SHOW #14: Country Mice with Serious Moonlight and The Maykit at The Hi-Dive 4/11/12 I went into this one blind people. Well, mostly blind. I’d heard one song by the headliner Country Mice and, unbeknownst to me, I’d actually seen The Maykit before. Still I was basically blind to what I would be seeing which […]

And Now For Something…Kind of Different.

SHOW #13 Bliss N Eso with Big B, Ceekay Jones, Prime Element, and Microphone Militants at Cervantes Other Side You guys, it’s important to note that I’m writing this on 4 hours of sleep. That…that is not a lot of sleeps. I don’t want to complain though, I knew that this 52 shows thing was […]

An Unexpected Treat

SHOW #12 The Ting Tings with MNDR at The Ogden Theater on 3/31/12 This is a show I never would have gone to last year. Not only because I knew nothing of The Tings Tings before last night but because the music they play is the kind of music I always figured wouldn’t come off […]