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From Mumble to Magnificent

SHOW #16: Electric Guest with Fingers of the Sun at the Larimer Lounge 4/25/12

I’ve got to tell you internet I need this one. I needed an absolutely incredible show to take my mind of of a terrible week full of bad luck and exorbitant car repair bills. I was so feeling so low I could barely even see straight. Then Wednesday night came and Electric Guest was there and it was so goddamned incredible I forgot that bad things exist. Seriously you guys, are you familiar with Electric Guest? Have you heard This Head I Hold? If not, let me fix that for your right now (even if you have heard it listen again, you know you want to):

I know it’s unlike me to post studio stuff but that song is perfect, not decent, not good not even great, it’s fucking perfect and I could listen to it all the damn time. And props to my twitter bro Desgardes for turning me on to Electric Guest via that song in the first place. Now, obviously this is a concert blog and you might be wondering if they can hold up to that level of performance live. Can a grown man actually hit those notes? I guess you’ll have to read on to find out.

Fingers of the Sun

I don’t even really want to talk about these guys. It’s not that they were bad, but they were seriously dwarfed by Electric Guest. Before the show I heard one of the girls in the band describe their sound as retro psychedelic indie garage pop, and, actually that fir them quite nicely. Musically they were actually really good, both guitar players were excellent as was the lady on bass. Unfortunately they really fell down vocally. They just didn’t have any conviction or feeling in their singing, they spent most of their time just kind of mumbling at the mics while their music drowned out any semblance of what they were saying. There were a few occasions when there was feeling in their voices but they were few and far between. Maybe they are just new, or maybe they aren’t well practiced. Hell maybe another night I would have said they were pretty good but this night they simply didn’t measure up. Also I quickly have to point out how distracting I found the woman who played the tambourine, maracas, and the recorder (yes, the recorder) she seemed very out of place and all I could think was that someone in the band had managed to win the ‘My girlfriend wants to be in the band’ argument. I couldn’t find a video of these guys performing live so here’s a video that kind of captures the essence of what they are going for:

Electric Guest

This show was so good it made me incredulous. How can every song be that good? How? It just doesn’t seem possible. Seriously, every moment of their show was downright incredible, every song was perfectly executed, the vocals were spot on (and yes he can hit those notes live) the energy was high, the crowd was rocking, it simply couldn’t have been better. I’m pretty sure they played every song from their recently released album Mondo and I still just can’t believe that they were all that good. I mean, I know I’m prone to hyperbole here, but it’s simply true. They were fucking incredible.

A stark contrast to Fingers of the Sun the vocals never failed to amaze, their lead singer is an incredible talent who seems to have three or four distinctly different singing voices which are all exceptional. Though I really think his falsetto is where he shines the most. He puts so much feeling and energy into every word and it seems he never stops moving while performing. It’s a site to behold. Seriously you should see these guys immediately if not sooner, if they are anywhere within a hundred miles you should see them, you won’t be disappointed.

I want to quickly go back and talk about This Head I Hold and how goddamned incredible it is. (Given how great everything else was this is saying something) I’m not the world’s biggest dancer but I can’t sit still when that song is on, it doesn’t compel you to dance it demands that you dance. It makes not dancing seems like an irrational response. What I like even more about the song is that it’s an introspective dance song. I don’t listen to a lot of dance music but I have a feeling that introspective is not a word often used to describe dance songs. Seriously, take a minute to listen to this acoustic version which really highlights they lyrics. They’re damn good. Also, yes I’m posting this song twice, it’s that damn good, plus the acoustic version gives it another dimension and gives you a taste of the talent these guys possess.

I was happy the crowd was large (at least large for the venue) because these guys deserve to perform in front of large crowds. They seem to have it all. Every aspect that makes a band great. A charismatic frontman, incredible vocals, true musical talent, and tightly composed, driven songs. It’s all there and it’s a wonder to behold. I seriously hope the next time these guys come to town they’re at The Ogden, or hell even Red Rocks because more people should be listening to this.  So do it, listen, then tell your friends to listen. Hell don’t tell them, make them. If they get mad because don’t like Electric Guest then they were probably a terrible friend anyway. Here, I’ll make it easy on you by posting another one of their songs here, this time from an actual concert. Listen to it, then go back to the top and listen to them all again. Then buy their album and listen to that.


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