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Raising Money and Lifting Hearts

SHOW #33: The Avett Brothers with City and Colour at Red Rocks on 6/29/12 I have to start this post out by giving mad props to both the Avett Brothers and their fans for raising over $20,000 for fire relief at the show last night. All they did was have a few volunteers carry boots […]

The Heaviest of Metal

SHOW #32: Holy Grail with Royal Thunder and The Kick Ass at the Marquis Theater on 6/27/12 So I learned something last night, that something being that head banging isn’t nearly as effective if you have short hair. Now it should be noted that I learned this from observation rather than experience as I am […]

Westword Music Showcase Part Three

SHOW #31: The Raven and the Writing Desk with Fairchildren, The Kentucky Street Parlor Pickers, and Danielle Ate The Sandwich Okay so the thousand word rule is going right out the window here because I’ve only got four bands left to write about and I feel like I may hit a thousand words right around […]

Westword Music Showcase Part Two

SHOW #30: Achille Lauro with Ian Cooke and a. Tom Collins Now on to part two. I’m going to try not to pad these posts with long opening paragraphs as everything I needed to say I said back in part one obviously the best way to avoid passing these posts with long opening paragraphs is […]

Wesword Music Showcase Part One

Show #29: The Morning Clouds with John Common and Blinding Flashes of Light and Land Lines So this is my first, and possibly only, festival of the year. That being so I spent roughly 7 hours listening to music yesterday and it seems to me that such a thing should not simply count as one […]

I Guess I Had Forgotten

SHOW #28: Wilco with The Punch Brothers at Red Rocks on 6/22/12 I got to this show much earlier than I normally get to shows these days. I’ve always been a bit of an early arriver but my friend Mick and I both wanted to be fairly close and with GA at Red Rocks you […]

Too Tired

SHOW #27: The Moondoggies with Mosey West and Ross Etherton & The Chariots of Judah at The Hi-Dive on 6/14/12 This post might be a bit short. I was tired as hell for this show for some reason. I’m not sure what it was but something wore me out and left me feeling a bit […]