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I’m With the Band

SHOW #25: Marinade at Quixotes True Blue

In the interest of full disclosure here I’ll start out by saying that my girlfriend’s brother is in this band. So I might be a bit biased because I met them a few days before the show and found them to be very cool people to hang out with. Now, I don’t think that has clouded my judgement here but I feel like you should have this information internet.

I sort of feel like this show almost shouldn’t count as a show. I only saw one band and I only saw part of their set. This was because they were playing from ridiculously late until even ridiculously later and I have to work pretty early in the morning. I stayed as late as I could manage though and it was hard to leave because I really liked what I was hearing.


These guys are based out of Salt Lake City which is kind of unexpected given the stereotypes often associated with Utah and its people. Their music, at least what I heard, wasn’t overly raunchy or extreme but their between song banter often ventured into colorful swearritory (I’m pretty sure I just made that word up so, you’re welcome English Language.) though it did so in a humorous and lighthearted way.

Talia the front man/woman/person (whichever one is PC) is the singer, though she also plays the guitar, mandolin, and the drums and she rocks them all out pretty hard core. Her voice is especially excellent and not at all what I would have expected from looking at her. It’s full, rich, throaty and soulful. Simply a joy to hear. Sadly there were sound issues all night and her vocals tended to be a little washed out by the instruments onstage.

The band as a whole played exceptionally well together. Their sound was smooth and practiced and you could tell that they’ve played together a lot and that they like playing together.  There was a lot of diversity in what people were playing from song to song. I actually think that this is the firs band I’ve ever seen where people took turns on the drums. There was saxophone, bongos, bass, two guitars, drums and probably best of all a washboard. Yes, that’s right, a washboard. Can I just mention really quickly here how much I freaking love the washboard as a musical instrument. I was lucky enough to hear the washboard in action before sleepiness claimed me and made me leave and it did not disappoint. There was also a banjo on stage which, sadly, I never did get to see in action. All of these instruments came together from song to song and created a consistent, powerful, polished sound that I absolutely loved. I hated to leave and if I didn’t have to work I would have stayed until the end of their set which was scheduled for 2 AM. That was how much I enjoyed what they were doing.

They played some originals interspersed with a diverse set of covers from The Grateful Dead to Bob Marley to Stevie Wonder. Which, I have to say was probably my favorite cover they did, because who doesn’t love Stevie Wonder? Their originals shone brighter than the covers though and I wished I could have heard more of them.Hopefully the next time they come through Denver they’ll be playing at a more civilized time, or on the weekend. Keep an eye out for these guys, I don’t think they get out of Utah that often but if they come near you go see them. You won’t be disappointed.


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