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Serenity Now

SHOW #45: Gregory Alan Isakov with Jeffrey Foucault at Chautauqua on 9/21/12 This is another post in which I write about someone I’ve seen before. I feel like there have been a lot of those but maybe I’m wrong? There have probably been less repeats than there have been originals but maybe there have just […]

The New Old Fashioned

SHOW #44: Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside with A. Tom Collins at the Hi-Dive on 9/16/12 Hey Internet, it’s…well it’s been a while. Don’t worry though, I wasn’t off writing concert reviews for some other internet that I like better. I just had a pretty hefty amount of time between my jaunt to that […]

One Show at 1,376 Feet

SHOW #43: Wanda Jackson at The Minnesota State Fair So I’m on the road this weekend visiting some friends in the too humid state of Minnesota. One of the reasons I came out here was to see the much vaunted state fair. It was high time I experienced stick based foods (though actually none of […]