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The New Old Fashioned

SHOW #44: Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside with A. Tom Collins at the Hi-Dive on 9/16/12

Hey Internet, it’s…well it’s been a while. Don’t worry though, I wasn’t off writing concert reviews for some other internet that I like better. I just had a pretty hefty amount of time between my jaunt to that land of 10,000 humidity producing om my god is it really this freaking hot lakes and my next concert (that being this concert). I could have shoehorned one in but, well, I’m way ahead of the curve right now so I didn’t see a need to. Which doesn’t at all mean that I’ll be becoming lackadaisical I still intend to bring you concert reviews on a nearly weekly basis until I hit 52. At that point…I, I don’t really have a plan for that point. I guess we’ll see. I don’t think I want to stop though.

A. Tom Collins

So this is the fourth time I’ve seen A. Tom Collins this year. I wasn’t specifically seeking them out they just happened to be opening for another band that I like but I wasn’t going to pass up on a chance to see them again. Of course there is the inherent problem f, what do I write about? It seems like I’ve said all the superlatives. Incredible, amazing, outstanding, and many others. They all still hold true. I would readily say that this is my favorite band in Denver, surpassing even The Lumineers. They are just that good.

I suppose I could tell you some of the things I noticed at this show. Like, there needs to be more clarinet in popular music and the reason there isn’t more clarinet in popular music is because it is literally impossible to look cool while playing the clarinet. When the rest of the band’s mic aren’t up as much in the mix it takes away from certain songs. Aaron’s voice is incredible and soulful and he brings it constantly but the songs where the whole band gets together and wails out some repeating chorus are much better when you can actually hear everyone. They have a ridiculous amount of energy and a ridiculous amount of fun up there. These are people who simply love making music together.

Look, all I can say is see this band. If you live in Denver then you really have no excuse. If you’re out of state, well hell, I don’t know. Road trip it or go to you local small venue and demand that they bring them to you. They are that good. These guys should be sharing their music with the world and the world should be listening and dancing. If you like music at all you will love them. It’s really that simple. See them, listen to them, enjoy them, because they are making some of the best music out there.

Sadly there is a startling lack of these guys on YouTube so I’m going to go ahead and post the video I posed way back when I saw them the first time in January. Its still really good, so watch it again, even if you’ve watched it before.

Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside

It should be stated that following A. Tom Collins is a tall order and I always feel a little bad for bands that have to do so. Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside did a hell of a job though and even if their set wasn’t better than what came before it it was as least as good, which is still a hell of feat.

Sallie Ford is wholly unique, she doesn’t look, or act, or sound like anyone you’ve seen before and that is a wonderful thing. While I watched her up there it seemed to me that she belonged in some kind of movie, and 80s movie perhaps. But she wouldn’t be the main character she’d be the main character’s quirky best friend who never conformed or changed for some popular guy. No, she just embraced her quirkiness quietly in the background joined the band and then stole the final scene by being awesome. That really what Sallie Ford is in a nutshell. Awesome.

This is actually the third time I’ve seen Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside and I was quite pleased to see that their fandom has grown so much. The first time I saw them they were opening for The Avett Brothers at The Ogden and I liked them so when they next came through town and were playing at Benders I made a point of going to see them. Sadly, I was one of the few. I was at the show with, maybe five or six friends and side from us there may have been there or four other people in the audience. They still rocked it that night but the lack of a crowd made the show feel a little awkward. This night there was a much larger crowd and many of them seemed to love her music and everyone was into it. It really brought a good atmosphere to the show and she and the band, seemed to feed off of it.

They are actually a very good pairing with A. Tom Collins because each of them has a fresh take on old music. A. Tom Collins tackles classic rock with a bit of ragtime while Sallie Ford takes on 50s rock with a unique twist and lost of flare. Possibly the highlight of their set was their cover of Buddy Holly’s Oh Boy! though she did start the song by saying Buddy Holly was a square, which is something I can’t really get behind. Maybe he looked like a square but I don’t think he really was. In any case their cover of it was different enough to be theirs and good enough to disregard the comment.

In case you couldn’t tell I really like this band, so you should go ahead and go see them. Because that’s how this works. I tell you things that I like and then you go see them. At least I think it is, I mean, that’s the assumption I’ve been operating under. So, yeah. Watch the videos below, then go and see them.

First a slow one:

Then something more upbeat


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