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Like Night and Day

SHOW #47: Marinade on Pearl Street and at Sancho’s Broken Arrow 10/7/12 and 10/8/12

You might remember Marinade. I saw them way back in June. The full disclosure from that night still stands. I’m dating the saxophonist’s sister so I might be biased. I mean I’m not, because they are awesome, but I might be. So, I guess take everything you read here with as many grains of salt as you see fit. Just remember that salt is bad for you, so you don’t want to go too crazy.

This is a slightly different post than my usual posts because not only will it only contain one band, it will be talking about them in two different venues. I toyed with the idea of making it two posts, because hey, two shows. In the end though, I only saw about half of their busking performance on Sunday and probably less than half of their bar performance last night. To me that makes one show so I’m going with it. To the musics!


I think I’ve probably spent too much time trying to determine what does and doesn’t count as a show for this blog. As though there is some higher authority who is officially keeping score and will dock me at the end of the year for any non concerts I counted. That’s kind of crazy because live music is live music. Granted, I shouldn’t count it every time I pass a singing hobo but busking is a concert, damn it.

I bring all of that up because for the first of the two Marinade performances I saw they were out busking on a Sunday afternoon in Boulder. I’m not sure how frequently a full band will get out and busk as I don’t partake of much busking but it was pretty cool to see. Their busking set was somewhat different in tone and feel from their bar performances because it was acoustic. If you read this blog at all, you know that’s kind of my thing and it almost goes without saying that I loved it.

They played well together like a band that has, well, played together for a while. All of their varied instruments (wash board FTW) made an appearance and their percussion was handled by a drum box which was unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was amazing the amount of sound that came out of that one little box. The only real downside to the acoustic busking set was that the vocals weren’t quite as clear as they could have been. Which is a shame given how great Talia’s voice is. Granted she wasn’t mic’d, because what kind of busker would be, but I do also wonder if it’s hard to tell how loud you should be singing in such a setting.

That’s a relatively small gripe though as they were fun and energetic and really just pretty damn great. I found out the following day that they rarely do the acoustic thing. I would implore them to change that. Seriously, you’re missing out on a whole different brand of hippie if you only play in bars. Think of the unmusiced coffee shop hippies (Hippicus Cafinicus) they deserve music too.

The second night, or set I guess, was over twenty four hours later and it was much the same as their original set from way back in June, though I did get to see more of it this time. Vocals were great, music was excellent, and the band was just as malleable as they were before- taking several different forms. They played some originals, which are available on their brand new album, (which I would totally link to but can’t because it’s not available online yet,) played some covers, swore profusely, insulted the audience, pretended like their audience insults were compliments, and really just had a great time.

They seem really at home in bars and, really, Sancho’s is a place that’s tailor made for these guys. It’s a Grateful Dead bar full of Grateful Dead people. It’s a bar that demands jamming, and jam they did. Though I think it’s been established here that jamming isn’t really my thing, I do enjoy it in small doses. Had I stayed for the second set it might have worn on me, but for one set it was good.

They don’t get out of Utah that much so you should take the opportunity to see them if you can. It’s worth it.

This little van session is a pretty good example of the busking (I really like the word busk) experience.

I’ll leave you with the music video for their song Tie Die, which I had always thought was called Hippie Killer. I’m wondering if they changed it to lure more hippies into their trap?


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