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Super Dillard Brothers

SHOW #49: Daniel Dillard with Josh Dillard at Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret

Once again before I get going I must make statements of disclosure. I’ve known Daniel Dillard for at least five years. We’ve never been much more than acquaintances and prior to last night I’d never heard him perform. Still I know that he’s a good guy and there is a chance that has colored what I’m saying about his show. Of course I don’t think that’s the case but in the interest of integrity you, imagined reader, must be made aware of that fact.

This show was a CD release party for Daniel Dillard’s new album After LA. However it’s also important to note that it was a charitable event as well. Proceeds from tickets and CDs are being donated to Charity Water which helps fund wells and other clean water projects in places that desperately need it. He’s actually sponsoring a specific well which you can donate to by clicking here. If you want to donate and get some awesome music you can purchase his album by clicking this.

Josh Dillard

Josh Dillard’s opening set was very straight forward acoustic folk. So of course I loved it. Anyone who reads this blog knows of my love for simple acoustic music. In my opinion it’s just the way that music is supposed to be. Of course that is just my opinion and it’s heavily influenced by my up bringing (When you’re raised by a man who worships Dylan such opinions are bound to form). Music bias aside it was a very good set.

He played almost all original songs and I was really blown away by the lyrical quality of them. His songs are filled with intricate wordplay, honesty and emotion. His vocals have a very serene almost haunting quality that is unburdened by vocal theatrics. Bringing the two together creates this sort of perfect storm of simplicity and complexity. the words carry the power and the music accentuates it. It’s folk music at its best.

Daniel Dillard

Daniel Dillard plays what I like to call heart swell music. The kind of music that carries such power and emotion that it digs its way into your chest and makes you feel full. The kind of music that drags emotion out of you whether you like it or not. The kind of music that can only be born of a passion for music.

The most impressive part of his performance for me was his voice. It’s the type of voice that sounds like it would carry for miles unamplififed. He sings with incredible power and reckless abandon. I really must say, having known Daniel socially for a while, that I never really expected it. His speaking voice belies his singing voice. They just really don’t seem like they should come from the same person.

I always talk a lot about passion and honesty here but I think this is the first time I can say it and be 100% certain that it’s true. Daniel delivers his music with passion and honesty. I’m sure that there are musicians out there who are capable of creating the illusion of passion. Hell, you might even be able to argue that any musician who has hit it big has to find that skill after a while. I know Daniel though and I can say without a doubt that he is passionate about music and that that passion shines through in his performance. His voice carries the songs but his passion brings them home.

I don’t think Daniel performs very often. Perhaps if this album is a hit that will be change. I’m not sure. In any case if you get a chance to see him do.

Perhaps more important than all of this is the cause he’s donating too. Even if you don’t like any of the music here please donate what you can to Charity Water.

Daniel is not on YouTube so I’ll just embed the new album below. Give it a listen.


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