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A few years ago a friend of mine, Allison, mentioned that she was trying to see 52 concerts before the year was over. Someone else mentioned to her that this would make an interesting subject for a blog. I agreed. She succeeded in her one show a week attempt but never put the blog to it. I thought about it for a while and decided that I really liked the idea of a blog detailing the adventures of attempting (hopefully succeeding) to attend 52 concerts in a year so I asked her if she was okay with me taking the blog idea and running with it. She was. So here we are.

There are several reasons I’m doing this. First, I love music, especially live music, and this is an interesting way to make it more a part of my life. Second, I’ve never really written about music and I’d like to give it a go. Third, I want to expand my musical horizons a bit and, in seeing 52 shows in a year I will no doubt end up seeing acts I am not familiar with. Fourth, Denver has a great music scene and some pretty amazing venues and hopefully I can make some people outside of Denver aware of that.

I’m going to have to make some sacrifices to pull this off. A lot of concerts aren’t cheap, so it will be costly. My friends are good sports but not quite ‘Come see random band #28 with me.’ level good sports so I’ll probably end up at a many shows alone. I go to work early in the morning, concerts do not generally end early in the evening so I’ll be sleep deprived. I’m making these sacrifices for you Internet!

I also think I need to lay out a few ground rules here. In order to count I must see at least half of the set. Opening acts only count as an individual show if they are the only part of the concert I see. In case of music festivals I’ll likely count any set I see most of as an individual show. Though I’m not planning on any festivals just yet so that might not come up. Also the one year I’m giving myself to see these shows is starting the night of the first concert I saw this year which was 1/27/12

As a side note, if you’re a lesser known musician coming to Denver who somehow found your way to this humble little blog and you want to be one of the 52 shows I see drop me a line. Don’t give me a free ticket or anything because that’s not fair and may cause favoritism but ask me to come and I’ll certainly make it if I can.

One final disclaimer: I am prone to hyperbole. I know this and I’m going to try to tone it down for the purposes of this blog but I’ll still probably call a lot of thing ‘the best ever!’ I apologize in advance.


2 comments on “About the Blog

  1. It was nice to meet you at Ani. Good luck in your journey!! Jadi and Deb…

  2. Hey buddy! It was indeed wonderful to met you at Ani! We enjoyed talking to you! Good luck on your blog! Deb of Jadi and Deb: )!!

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