Two Men Six Names

SHOW #46: William Elliott Whitmore with Randall Conrad Olinger at The Marquis Theater 10/4/12 Even though it felt a little awkward I stood exceptionally close for this show. Pretty much front and center. I had questioned this decision, which was obviously made before anyone showed up, because it just felt kind of strange standing there […]

Mumford and Son of a Bitch That Was Awesome

SHOW #42: Mumford and Sons with Dawes and Slow Club at Red Rocks on 8/28/12 Mumford and Sons at Red Rocks. I’ll write more than that but in the end that’s all that really has to be said. It’s the perfect combination for a perfect show and perfect it was. I haven’t seen Red Rocks […]

Raising Money and Lifting Hearts

SHOW #33: The Avett Brothers with City and Colour at Red Rocks on 6/29/12 I have to start this post out by giving mad props to both the Avett Brothers and their fans for raising over $20,000 for fire relief at the show last night. All they did was have a few volunteers carry boots […]

More Like Trampled by Awesome

SHOW #20: Trampled by Turtles with Brown Bird at The Ogden Theater 5/18/12 This show was so great for so many reasons. One of the primary reasons for the greatness of this show was the company that I shared the show with. You see I saw this show with an awesome lady, she asked not […]

Locally Grown

SHOW #15: Head for the Hills with Bill and Jilian Nershi at The Bluebird on 4/20/12 So, I don’t smoke pot. I don’t begrudge people that do it, and I’d say it’s nuts that it’s illegal it’s just something I’ve never been into. So when I bought tickets for a concert on 4/20it didn’t even […]