Two Men Six Names

SHOW #46: William Elliott Whitmore with Randall Conrad Olinger at The Marquis Theater 10/4/12 Even though it felt a little awkward I stood exceptionally close for this show. Pretty much front and center. I had questioned this decision, which was obviously made before anyone showed up, because it just felt kind of strange standing there […]

True Blues

SHOW #41: Big Bill Morganfield with The Delta Sonics featuring Clay Kirkland at Swallow Hill on 8/24/12 Before I talk about the show I’d like to talk about Swallow Hill, because Swallow Hill is amazing. I’ve only ever lived in Denver so I don’t know if places like this are common in most cities but […]

Wrong Music for the Night

SHOW #40: Murder by Death with Ha Ha Tonka and The 4 On The Floor at The Bluebird on 8/16/12 I hadn’t expected to go to this show, in fact I was thinking that I might take the week off. Then I won tickets and, well, I can’t turn down free tickets when I’m on […]

Too Tired

SHOW #27: The Moondoggies with Mosey West and Ross Etherton & The Chariots of Judah at The Hi-Dive on 6/14/12 This post might be a bit short. I was tired as hell for this show for some reason. I’m not sure what it was but something wore me out and left me feeling a bit […]

I’m With the Band

SHOW #25: Marinade at Quixotes True Blue In the interest of full disclosure here I’ll start out by saying that my girlfriend’s brother is in this band. So I might be a bit biased because I met them a few days before the show and found them to be very cool people to hang out […]

Christina Manguilera

SHOW 11: Martin Sexton at the Ogden Theater I feel like I let you down last night idealized reader. I mean, yeah, I went to a show that was pretty awesome and I’m going to tell you all about it below by using words. However, I only saw one act last night. I missed the […]

And There Was Much Rejoicing

SHOW #9: G-Love & Special Sauce with Scott H. Biram at The Ogden Theater 3/10/12 A show on the Saturday before Daylight Savings is not a great idea when you have to be up bright and early Sunday morning. I’m not saying it wasn’t worth it. It was totally worth it. However I’m still recovering […]