Serenity Now

SHOW #45: Gregory Alan Isakov with Jeffrey Foucault at Chautauqua on 9/21/12 This is another post in which I write about someone I’ve seen before. I feel like there have been a lot of those but maybe I’m wrong? There have probably been less repeats than there have been originals but maybe there have just […]

The Weight of a Voice

SHOW #34: Brandi Carlile with Ingrid Michaelson and Gregory Alan Isakov Hey internet. It’s been like, what, two weeks since I posted my last concert review. That’s a pretty long time. So, what have you been up to? Really? That much porn? Wow, maybe I shouldn’t have asked. If any of you out there feared […]

I Guess I Had Forgotten

SHOW #28: Wilco with The Punch Brothers at Red Rocks on 6/22/12 I got to this show much earlier than I normally get to shows these days. I’ve always been a bit of an early arriver but my friend Mick and I both wanted to be fairly close and with GA at Red Rocks you […]

So Much JOY!

SHOW #4: Jenny Owen Youngs with New Empire and Woodrose at The Larimer Lounge 2/15/12 Wednesday. Wednesday is not a great night for a show at The Larimer Lounge. This has nothing to do with the people playing or even venue itself. It has to do with the ridiculous time that I have to get […]